San Antonio, TX – October 2016


Great Halloween makeup styles are being offered at Bella Beauty College, a top beauty school and salon in San Antonio. Students from Bella Beauty College in San Antonio are honing their skills at applying Halloween makeup and they are currently offering a  Halloween makeup application for only $10! The offer is good for anytime through Dia de los Muertos, or Wednesday, November 2.

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When it comes to buying Halloween makeup, they key is to remember that is no need to spend a lot of money on fancy brands in order to create a professional look. Many people seek high-end makeup kits from beauty shops or buy them online for $40 or more. However, the beauty school student stylists in San Antonio remind people that the inexpensive $4 makeup kits are just as effective at producing the same desired result.


Bella Beauty College also recommends utilizing your existing or unused makeup.  Dig around and look for the goldmine that has been pushed back into the recesses of your makeup drawers before purchasing specific “Halloween” makeup.  The makeup experts at Bella Beauty College in San Antonio suggest you give that crazy colored eye shadow, wild lipsticks and other castaways a try.  These typically unused colors can be the perfect choices for an effective and unique Halloween style. Even regularly used lipsticks, lip and eye liners, blushes and other products can be used to create fantastic appearances. Check out what is available and then mix and match them with purchased makeup if required.


When it’s time to apply the makeup, Bella Beauty College encourages people to let their imagination run wild. Halloween is the one time of the year that people can show a more adventurous side, so bold, wild colors and outrageous creations should be the objective. For eye-catching effects, use bright reds, deep purples and other vivid colors. If it’s a deathly scary look that’s desired, Bella Beauty College recommends applying makeup before any gore to create a spookier, yet professional look. False eyelashes and dark lip liners also make good Halloween makeup creations stand out.  The key is to practice.  Try out your look a day of two before the big night to perfect your style and get the ghoulishly glamorous look to die for.  Of course, for those who are short on time or just can not seem to achieve that dream style, bring a photo the San Antonio beauty school salon and let our student stylists create your perfect look!



About Bella Beauty College:

This San Antonio beauty school operates as a cosmetology training institute and beauty salon.  Bella Beauty College has been providing classes for cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians for over 30 years. Both English and Spanish classes are also held at night in order to help working students. In addition to teaching and providing hair, skin and nail services, the college also provides instructor training.  All students are overseen by licensed instructors who provide guidance and support for students performing the salon services.  With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can  be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.



Bella Beauty College

Hair Salon & Nail Salon

720 SW Military Dr.

San Antonio, TX  78221

Phone:  (210) 923-5400

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