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Bella Beauty College, one of the leading San Antonio beauty schools, knows what it takes to succeed in the beauty industry and shares the top five traits that make a successful cosmetologist.  As part of their enrollment drive for the upcoming summer classes, they are making an effort to increase awareness about what personality traits foster a successful career in the beauty industry in order to provide guidance to aspiring stylists regarding their future.  The push for a better understanding among prospective students is tied to the need for students to understand the challenges that they will face during training and especially after graduation from the San Antonio beauty school.


DCIM100MEDIABella Beauty College teaches the skills to be a successful cosmetologist, but also nurtures a student’s personality that will allow them to become successful stylists, nail technicians, or estheticians. “The beauty industry is unlike any other industry and you need to understand how it works before you can succeed in it,” said Mr. Will Pastrano, the San Antonio Bella Beauty College School Director. “Train-ability and aptitude are obvious requirements but there are some stylists who have the skills, but still fail to make it in the industry.”  Whether its hair, skin or nails, the top five qualities that a beauty school student must possess are personal motivation and drive,  curiosity and the willingness to always keep learning, excellent listening skills, a caring nature for others and a positive personality.


06.2014 - #6.4Personal motivation, or drive, is desirable in most industries, but is especially important according to this San Antonio beauty school. After graduation, many stylists initially face a struggle building up their customer base.  Persistence is the key to success, continually refining your skills, building on your training and never giving up, that ability is driven by motivation and in the end will help to build up a strong customer base and in turn lead to a successful career as a beauty stylist.


06.2014 - #6.5According to the Bella Beauty College professionals, curiosity is the second success factor for a successful cosmetologist.  Curiosity chiefly refers to the introduction of new styling methods,  advancements in products and of course the ability to cultivate and learn the latest trends.  “The beauty industry is in a constant state of evolution and trends are ever changing.” Pastrano said. “Successful stylists keep sharpening their skills, have a curiosity that is never sated and a joy for all things new.”


06.2014 - #6.2Being a good listener is also a crucial factor.  This trait is due to the nature of the profession. “The dynamic between customers and their stylists involves very personal preferences and to understand their needs requires very good listening skills,” says Pastrano.  At Bella Beauty College, cosmetology students learn the importance of a client consultation before every service and actively practice how to follow the specifics of their clients needs and sometimes more importantly,

listening for needs that the customer may not be able to fully articulate. 


06.2014 - #6.3Caring and positivity, traits four and five, go hand in hand at Bella Beauty College.  The beauty industry is first and foremost a service industry, therefore a caring nature and positive personality are probably the most important traits the San Antonio beauty school looks for in a cosmetologist.  Bella Beauty College educates their beauty school students on the importance of such abilities and strives to bring out the best in each of them.  ”Not all people care about what others think, or tend to have a generally positive outlook,” admits Pastrano.  “Working with customers in a salon setting requires a personality that is tied to how you feel about what other people think, and you cannot fake this.”  The best cosmetologists tend to come with caring and positivity already strongly sewn into their personality and are generally the most successful in the industry.  



About Bella Beauty College:

Bella Beauty College is a leading San Antonio beauty school and beauty salon and has been a major influence in the area for three decades, training  thousands of beauty technicians in hair, skin and nails.  Run on a clock-hour program, as opposed to a traditional semester based system,  Bella Beauty College is always enrolling new students.  Starting school is fast and easy, both part-time and full-time schedules are available to be customized to a student’s individual needs, with classes starting every other week.  With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can  be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.



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