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Walk into any of your local beauty or drug stores and you may notice that mixed in with the brown and black eyeliners are sticks of white.  White eyeliner may be one of the most feared colors but once mastered, can be one of the most versatile and utilized tools in your makeup bag.  White eyeliner can emphasize bright eyeshadow, help highlight your eyes and make them magnificently outstanding. But the big question is how to properly use white eyeliner?


Student stylists at Bella Beauty College in San Antonio apply makeup for only $10 and are more than happy to spread their wisdom and share some tips on using this sometimes tricky eyeliner.  Whether you were up with the baby or out at a party, for clients who have stayed up all night, adding a quick dash of white liner in your inner eye corners can create that pop giving off the illusion of beauty sleep and wakefulness.   Our beauty school students also recommend using white eyeliner for forming color layers.  No other eyeliner color can tint eyeshadow colors better than white.  If you are unable to get a certain shade of eyeshadow the color you long for, lining and dusting it with your white liner can make your color bright and bring the shade to your desired hue.  Furthermore, using white eyeliner as the base under your eye color actually helps the shadow to last the whole day through.


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White eyeliner also has some great makeup uses not specifically for your eyes.  While you can always get your brows waxed for just $8 at Bella Beauty College in San Antonio, if you are in between appointments, or just want a quick touch up at home, you can always grab that white eyeliner and use it to shape your eyebrows.  Simply apply the liner around your eyebrows to achieve the desired shape you long for. Once shaped, our beauty school student stylists also recommend highlighting the brown bone.  Write a little hatch tag under the arch and smudge the white just below your brow, to obtain a fresh and simmering appearance.  The same way white eyeliner can shape your brows, it can also hide unsightly blemishes.  After applying your foundation, if you can still see any angry red spots messing up your dazzling completion, use your white pencil to mark a tiny X on the offensive red mark, then blend into the skin and finish off with your normal powder.  Just like magic your white eyeliner does what your daily foundation could not.



About Bella Beauty College:

This San Antonio beauty school operates as a cosmetology training institute and beauty salon.  Bella Beauty College has been providing classes for cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians for over 30 years. Both English and Spanish classes are also held at night in order to help working students. In addition to teaching and providing hair, skin and nail services, the college also provides stylist instructor training.  All students are overseen by licensed instructors who provide guidance and support for students performing the salon services. With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.




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